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“Fresh Start Home Acquisition Pilot Program” ©

A Fresh New Approach in the Housing & Community Development Marketplace!

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What is Project300?
Project300 is our Outreach & Fundraiser Campaign Kickoff 2019!
Advancing Affordable Housing & Economic Initiatives 

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Help us reach our annual program goal of $250,000.00 in order to advance:

Program Development
Client & Case Management Services

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Fresh Start Now
Pillars of Opportunity


Building People thru Education & Support


Building Communities thru Homeownership


Building Wealth thru Entrepreneurship

Our Mission:

Serving those locally in Chicago’s Greater Englewood Community and beyond, to advocate on behalf of the underserved, with a focus on Veterans and their families to encourage ownership and inspire self-pride.  Our goal is to provoke a change in thinking to move people forward with goal-oriented purpose and driven actions to build financial security for themselves.  We seek to aligns our efforts with existing Housing Plans, local Community Partners and Government Agencies to create a greater reach an economic and social impact for generations to come.

 Our Vision:

We Envision people financially freed, to put the Evilness in the earth back in “Right Balance.”

Our Purpose:

To develop simple & enjoyable seamless pathways to Homeownership & Financial Freedom, using alternative approaches to empower the Masses to thrive and enjoy life experiences.

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